Principal’s Message


Principal’s Message

Education comes from within, you get it by struggle, effort and thought.

We cannot always build the future for our students, but we can build our students for the future

At KEC Katihar we would like to focus on grooming young minds as the pillar of advancement of a nation & hope of the future. we believe in humanity, discipline, punctuality, regularity. Words visualize the ambition and our aim is to educate the students to LEARN, not just STUDY.

Hard work and discipline are the sure roads towards success. Therefore Our doctrine of student's development is based on three Ds - Determination, Dedication and Discipline so that they can excel in their respective fields. Our main job is not only to get them jobs instead; facilitate them to provide jobs. Ergo we strive to endeavour beyond the boundaries of mere books.

So, it's my pleasure to welcome you to KEC Katihar,an institute under department of science and technology, government of Bihar . We ensure that the students prove themselves to be not only well qualified engineers but also very responsible and ideal citizens of our country.

With Regards,
Smt. Ranjana Kumari