Internet nowadays has become even more necessary than the basic necessities (e.g., water, air and food) in our life. It explores huge knowledge, information and entertainment. Presently, everywhere class tests, study courses, data records become more familiar with online, students no longer have to look for offline studies to prepare for their futures. To help the academic campus friendly, KEC Katihar is well connected for ISP (Internet Service Provider) via broadband network upto data rate nearly 4Mbps provided by BSNL Katihar. The LAN services are available during working hours (9:00 AM to 5 PM) daily. Currently, Wi-Fi services are restricted to certain areas like academic buildings and certain departments.
The current data rate 4Mbps is low in the current campus based on our Internet requirements. But, our institute has planned for high speed data rated LAN as well as Wi-Fi everywhere within the campus in our new campus which is currently under the construction.