About Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology )


B.Tech. - Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology) is a 4-year program designed to prepare engineering graduates who have comprehensive knowledge about Integrated circuit designs, which is usually known as chip design. It aims to prepare skilled graduates who know the key aspects of VLSI Design which is required in VLSI domain Industries.
Through B.Tech. - Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology) program, graduates will develop an in-depth understanding of semiconductor devices, VLSI circuit design and verification, FPGA design, and fabrication process, along with hands-on experience with leading EDA (Electronic Design & Automation) tools. The evergreen VLSI domain is for the design and verification of electronics systems and circuits and its applications are found in areas like Communications, Signal & Image Processing, Space Research and Automation Industry.
  • The India Semiconductor Mission (ISM) an initiative by Govt of India for growth of VLSI will help to have more placement opportunities in India
  • The program includes hands-on experience on EDA (Software) tools
  • Includes industrial internship
  • Experienced & Skilled Faculty
  • Advance Labs equipped
USPs of B. Tech. in Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology)
  • New program launched in accordance with India Semiconductor Mission (ISM)
  • Highest paying, high demand professional for semiconductor chip industry
  • Research labs for semiconductor chip design and fabrication equipped with B2spice, RF Spice, Xilinx software and FPGA boards.
Career Opportunities
  • Design engineer
  • Verification engineer
  • CAD engineer
  • Application Engineer
  • Fabrication Engineer
  • Research & Development Engineer
Prominent Recruiters
  • Synopsys
  • Mentor Graphics
  • Cadence
  • Qualcomm
  • Intel Technologies
  • HCL Corporation
  • einfochips
  • Texas Instruments
  • Synapse Design
  • AMD-Xilinx India Technology
  • Samsung
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